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All clients will have an initial consultation session (that may be done in person or virtually) at no cost. Following the initial consultation, the below options are available. 


In Person Training

$130 per 55 minute session

For those who want to take full advantage of the most personal option. Train in my private gym in Central Austin. You can also expect to receive an individualized training plan that is easily accessed and tracked through my phone app so that you can stay on track in-between our sessions. 

Virtual Training

$115 per 55 minute session

For those who want individualized coaching and corrections, but want it from the comfort of where-ever they may be. We will facetime or zoom as I take you through an equally informative and challenging session as in person sessions. You will also receive an individualized training plan through my app.

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Online Programming

$100 per month

For those who have familiarity with the gym and proper technique but still need guidance or accountability on what exercises they should be doing to best achieve their goals. This option provides you with an in-app training plan specific to your needs. 


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